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FilmGenerator is your new generation online/multimedia/filmmaking/education software. You can create stories easily by wizard, output to animation,storyboard,webpage,text...It is web/mobile-minded and the basic uses are free.

We have released new functions such as more than 80 robotic voiceovers (mutilingual), storyboard, comic book, screenshots, mobile site & app. Now you can also test green/premier membership free in the testing account. Just go to login page and use 'test' as username and password.

Main features of FilmGenerator

  • A free, world-class filmgenerator
  • Smaller film size, faster download. An hour-long, DVD quality film only has 2 Megabytes
  • Faster production. Make a film in a minute
  • No flash, a common web browser can play.
  • Supports most, if not all, world languages.
  • No camera, no crew, scripts in, movies/story board out
  • Search engine friendly
  • Output formate: film, storyboard or text

Below is an example of storyboard of FilmGenerator

  • Storyboard of FIlmGenerator

FAQ of FIlmGenerator

  • Is the service free? We only charge the Green members who want more options. The free account has enough functions for most users.
  • Can I see some demo films? Please see the links on the home page.
  • What is the system structure of FilmGenerator? There are three parts: JM script editor, visual editor (wizard) of film script, and a generator that convert JM script to film
  • What format of film scripts do you take? The default format is JM script. Films are composed in JM script (text) first, then are converted to cartoon. See an example: . There are also tools help people convert articles to film scripts
  • How can I make a film? In FilmGenerator, you can create a film by 1) the wizard or 2) typing the JM script:
  • Where is the wizard? After you register a free account, login, create a new film, look for the yellow symbols next to your films, it is the wizard
  • What can you do with the wizard? Select locations, actors, etc. for your films, input dialogue and movement of the objects
  • What kinds of acting the actors can perform? Showing common emotions, actions and unlimited kinds of movements
  • What kinds of actors do you have? We have several human actors, on top of that, we have many other animals, such as cat, rat, cow, bug, pig
  • Do you have voiceovers? FilmGenerator has robotic voiceovers , you can also use/upload your own sound track
  • What kinds of locations do you have? We have more than 70 locations, such as bedroom, living room, meeting room, hotel, stadium, pub, cafe, kitchen, hospital, toilet, street, supermarket, nature etc.
  • Can I have multiple locations in one film? Yes you can: add images of locations as slideshows. Move slideshows out/in. Contact us for more information
  • How to move the location of a slideshow? Use script editor to move a slideshow. Example code: <line><id>3</id><character>ss_slideName</character><move><go_right>720</go_right></move></line>
  • Why you call it FilmGenerator instead of Cartoon Generator? Can I make realistic film? Yes see this user film for an example: if we further develope the system, the film can become more and more realistic.
  • How to save FG cartoon to common video format (mp4, avi etc.)? Install a (computer) desktop recording program, play the FG cartoon and record
  • What if I want other actors and locations? We can make them for you, just subscribe the Green membership
  • What are the best browser for displaying the films? We encourage the use of Firefox and Chrome, discourage the use of IE. Because IEs lag behind the support of SVG standards
  • Can I be the voiceovers of my film? Yes you can. Have audio recording hardware microphone installed on your computer. Download and install free software Audacity. Play your film in a browser, record the voice at the same time. Audacity can change the frequency of your voice so you can be voiceovers of multiple characters. Save the final sound track to MP3, then upload it to your film via the link on the script editor.
  • Why the character flashes sometimes? You computer cannot respond quick enough. The flash was caused by delay. Do following will reduce the problem: download the films and watch it on your computer; using simple actors, less characters; avoiding using large images in the slideshow. You should usually reduce the size of large images before you upload them to the server. People should not have to download a large image while they only appear in smaller size in the films. You can download and install free software GIMP for resizing of the images. The software can also add transparent backgound to images. You should also adjust the ratio of width and height of the slideshow in the script editor, so your images are not stretched dispropotionally.
  • How to add slideshows? see a tutorial here:
  • I set emotions for an actor in the wizard of dialog, but it doesn't display, why? Some actors don't have all different emotions. Several emotions may looks the same for the actors. you can contact us asking different emotions to be added
  • How can I delete films I created and files I uploaded? You can set the films to hide or edit it to blank. To save the space of web server, we sometime help user delete unwanted files uploaded. Please contact us for more information.
  • Can I make images appear in the film at certain time? For example when my character says 'apple', having an apple to appear on the screen? Yes you can. In short, set the image of apple as a slideshow, move the slideshow in at certain point of the dialog. See an example script here:
  • What are the principle of scripting? There are some general principle of scripting. For example: grabbing the attention of audience at the start; set up suspense in the story; the conflicts escalate trough out the film; For series, each episode are one story, has it's own conflict, and the series has an overall story. But you don't have to stick to any principles. Eventually you have to make decision holistically. As long as it's good for audience, good for you, the film maker, it should be fine.
  • How can I print screenshots and storyboard of my playlist? You must use Firefox or Chrome for the functions. Click the playlist title in your account, you will see the links.

You can find more information of FilmGenerator on the official mobile site:

We can provide training free online. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes,

Press Team