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1. Why join Bitcoin Club for Northern Australia

Time: 2014-06-23 01:35:25






Randy: Hey Lora

Randy (right): I became a member of Bitcoin Club yesterday

Lora (happy): What is Bitcoin?

Randy (love): It is a hot digital currency

Lora (casual): Do you mean things like PayPal?

Randy (right): A bit, not totally similar

Randy (right): It is similar to online banking

Lora (back): Why not just use online banking?

Randy (back): Bitcoin is a totally independent monetary system

Randy (right): It provides an alternative to banks

Lora (casual): What is wrong with the main stream monetary system?

Randy (angry): Well the international monetary system is a monopoly

Randy (angry): You know what monopoly usually bring

Lora (sad): Bad services and corruptions?

Randy (sad): Exactly

Randy: you can google the *occupy movement*

Randy (love): I like technology and maths

Randy: Bitcoin is a child of both

Randy (happy): So I like to have it as an alternative

Lora: Cool

Lora (happy): I always like to have more options

Lora: how can I get started?

Lora (casual): I knew nothing about Bitcoin

Randy: This is the club for

Randy (casual): Help new user

Randy: After we learn how to do it

Randy: We can trade with other members by Bitcoin

Randy (happy): that will be a lot of fun

Lora (casual): What can you buy by Bitcoin?

Randy: Goods and services, Anything

Randy: As long as the providers are willing to use Bitcoin

Lora (casual): I see, so the more people use Bitcoin

Lora (love): the more useful it becomes?

Randy: Yeah

Lora (casual): But how do I know this one is not corrupt?

Randy: The whole design is decentralised

Randy: It's extremely difficult for one party to manipulate the information.

Randy: Many parties around world can track the integrity of transactions

Lora (casual): Wow, does this mean people no longer have privacy?

Randy: Not really, it is similar to Ebay feedback system

Randy (casual): People can know if an ID is reliable or not

Randy: but they cannot know exactly who is the ID

Randy (right): We call the ID the keys

Randy (casual): in the world of Bitcoin

Lora (happy): I see, I like the overall idea

Lora (casual): I am an earlier adopter of new technology

Lora: How can I join you?

Randy (happy): Just sent an email to

Randy: They will tell you how to do it

Lora (love): cool!

Randy (casual): You are very welcome

Randy (love): Have fun!

2. Obama talk about instant noodle

Time: 2014-09-29 04:33:09






Obama: today I am going to

Obama (happy): tell you

Obama: the instant noodle I had

Obama (sad): I was sad yesterday

Obama (left): but after having the noodle

Obama (right): I felt really happy

Obama (angry): The only problem was

Obama (angry): I was charged my 50 buckes

Obama: for it

3. Beyonce and Aristotle.

Time: 2014-09-11 00:30:00






Aristotle: Man is a rational animal

Beyonce: What about a black women

Aristotle: No. . .

Aristotle: Only people like me are rational

Beyonce: Why?

Aristotle: Only us demonstrate rationality

Beyonce: Do you actually mean

Beyonce: you can't empathise with

Beyonce: anyone who is not similar?

Spirit (happy): Beyonce can understand Aristotle

Spirit (angry): Aristotle cannot understand Beyonce

Spirit (right): Who is more intellegent?

Spirit (casual): More rational?

4. Strange City

Time: 2014-09-12 19:22:30


Sky Earth


Black Car
Red Car









Sara (back): wow

5. Earth April

Time: 2013-06-20 09:45:24


Summer Tree




cow: Earth April is an

bunny: environmental network

cat: EA values science

cat (casual): philosophy and art

cat: EA collaborate with

kitten: non-profit groups

kitten (casual): and individuals in different parts of the world

logo: Earth April

cow: Together we can make a difference

6. What is a good film?

Time: 2013-06-07 08:07:37






toti: I watched a cool movie

randy (casual): what it is about?

toti: a man cheats on his wife

toti: his son does drugs

toti: a gang kills his daughter

randy (angry): ok, toti, enough

toti: what?

randy (angry): cheating, murder, drug abuse..

randy (angry): do they have any thing nicer?

toti: but it's a big budget film

toti: it has a lot of celebrities

randy: so?

toti: it is a good film I think...

randy (casual): I don't need other people

randy (casual): tell me what is good

randy: a good film delives good messages

randy: and tells a good story

randy: the script is the most important part

randy (happy): it is the core of creativity

toti: Oscar does not judge films like that

toti: big budget films win

toti: and famous actors are important

randy (angry): you need some authority tell you

randy: what is good ?

randy (casual): think critically

randy (casual): Oscar cares politics more

7. cat story

Time: 2013-06-26 20:29:56


City Lights




kit: Hey, little kitty

kit: What are you doing here alone?

kat: I am on vacation

kit (happy): Cool. Where is your family?

kat (angry): Kid, I don't have family

kit (sad): Really? Why not?

kat: Well, I had a human family

kit: What happened?

kat (happy): I left, haha

kit (sad): What for?

kat: I needed a break

kat: Those people...

kat: They drove me nuts

kit: What did they do?

kat: Non-stop bullshit

kat: Have you ever seen TV?

kit (happy): Of course

kat: I hate that

kit (sad): You hate... TV?

kat: Yeaaaaah!

kat: Commercials

kat: Crap shows

kat: Just loud noise

kat: and flashing lights

kit (sad): Is that all?

kat (happy): Haha, get real

kit: What else?

kat: They made me...

kat: Shit in a sand box

kat: They rarely cleaned it

kit (sad): Oh...

kat: They smell too

kit: Yeah, poop smells

kat (angry): No, the family!

kat: They really smell

kit: Well...

kit (sad): Aren't you a ball of sunshine

kat: What are you doing here?

kat: Where's your family?

kit: I'm alone

kat: Really?

kat: What do you do?

kit: I sell recreational drugs

kat: Oh no

kat: Get a decent job, kid.

kit (sad): I was going to ask

kat: what?

kit: If you want some

kit: catnip

kat: Dang

8. Cartoon maker

Time: 2013-06-27 07:17:14






cat: Hey there

boy (sad): Oh, wow

boy: A talking cat

cat: Yep. I can talk

cat: With this film generator

cat: I can do plenty of things

boy (happy): Cool

cat: People just type

cat: then a movie is made

cat: It's automatic

boy: Can it be customised?

cat: Of course

cat: Change the location,

cat: the characters,

cat: add music,

cat: and add your own content

boy (happy): That's great

boy (sad): How much does it cost?

cat: It's free

boy (happy): Oh, that's excellent

cat: Have fun!

9. The Night

Time: 2013-06-15 07:06:36


Night Tree




cat: Hey lady

cat: What are you doing out here?

lady: I got lost

cat (casual): How did you get lost?

lady: I was taking out the trash

lady: got lost on the way

cat (angry): Is your trash can in the woods?

lady: No. . .

lady: A darn raccoon stole my corndog

lady (angry): right out of my sweatpants pocket

cat: a corndog in your pocket...

lady: Well, I'm not gonna touch it

lady: while I'm touchin dirty trash

cat (casual): You could have just

cat (casual): left it in the kitchen

lady (happy): Oh, I didn't think of that

cat: Well, off you go...

lady (happy): Hey, can you rescue me?

cat: Help you find your way home?

cat: No. . .

lady (sad): ...Uh

cat: I'm busy

lady: Cats, raccoons...

lady (angry): you're all the same

cat: I didn't get you lost

cat (casual): and you can do without the corndog

lady (angry): Are you calling me fat!

cat: Yes...

lady (angry): You little brat!

cat: Wait, wait, wait...

cat: I just remembered

cat: Don't you live in the house

cat: with the red sandbox?

lady (happy): Yes! Yes! That's the one!

cat (casual): I often shit in it.

cat: Good to know it's yours

cat (angry): Adios, and good luck!

10. Calendars - The Tale of Neipasomos

Time: 2013-08-04 22:29:46


Tropical Beach




Kit: Mum

Kit (angry): Why you don't let me sleep

Kit (angry): I sleep in the day

Wis: I want you to see something important

Wis: They look better in the Sun

Kit (casual): Is this why you bring me to the beach

Wis: Yes, I want to show you something large

Wis: the ocean

Wis: what do you feel about the ocean?

Kit (happy): It's endless

Wis: It moves without an end, like time

Wis: that is the topic today

Wis: endless time

Wis: how neipasomos manage time

Kit: how do they do it?

Wis: they observed the nature changes

Wis: such as day, night cycles

Wis: Moon phase cycles

Wis: season cycles

Wis (casual): larger year and small year cycles

Wis: of plants and other animals

Wis: years after years

Wis: they began to be able to

Wis: predict the cycles

Kit: that's cool

Wis: they put the knowledge

Wis: into something they called it calendar

Wis: a calendar predict the major objects

Wis: in the space

Kit: I know there is the Sun, the Moon

Kit (casual): and jupiter

Kit: they have a lots of influence on us

Kit: because of their distance or mass

Wis: Your understanding of

Wis: gravity is impressive!

Wis: neipasomos predict them all!

Wis: they call self rotation of earth Day

Wis: they call the Moon change cycle Month

Wis: the season cycle Year

Kit: what is name for the Jupiter cycle?

Wis: It's call zodiac by some groups

Wis: it's about 12 years.

Kit: so they have different calendars?

Wis: yes, their calendars differ

Wis: but there is something in common

Kit: the day, month, year cycle?

Wis: there is more

Wis: they usually use the day

Wis: that the Sun is lowest

Wis: as the start of a new year

Wis: and they will usually keep the new year

Wis (casual): even if they later moved

Wis: different lantitude has Sun at

Wis: different height

Wis: so knowing the new year of a group

Wis: you can figure out the lantitude

Wis: of their original habitat

Kit: can you tell me an example?

Wis: The new year of one group is 25 July

Wis: we can figure out they were from

Wis: tropical region of southern hemisphere

Wis (casual): although now they live in the north

Wis: some groups have new year in February

Wis: which means their ancestors

Wis: who made the calendar

Wis: were within the tropical region of

Wis: northern hemisphere

Kit (love): I see

Wis: most neipasomos use one calendar

Wis: the Sun height perspective is from

Wis: around north pole

Kit: neipasomos were all from that part?

Wis (casual): the groups created the calendar is

Wis: other groups use their calendars

Kit: how do they celeberate new years?

Wis: they eat a big meal

Wis: some of them set off firecrackers

Kit: why?

Wis: because it's the coldest time

Wis: they need more food to keep them warm

Wis (casual): firecrackers make the air acidit

Wis: it reduce the microorganism

Wis: that causes disease

Wis: they are means of coping hash weather

Kit: they are clever

Wis: in fact most neipasomos don't know this

Wis: they blindly follow traditions

Wis: those know to save food for

Wis: the coldest day survived better

Kit: I know this

Kit: this is evolution!

Wis: exactly

11. How to add slideshow

Time: 2014-04-16 01:04:29


Films/lab/uploads/cyan Bg.gif




Randy (casual): This video uses a slideshow

Randy (happy): it is on my right

Randy: I will teach you how to do it.

Randy (casual): Make the film you want

Randy: without slideshow first.

Randy: then upload images of slides.

Randy (casual): Now go to edit the script

Randy: of your film.

Randy: You will see a link of slideshow.

Randy (casual): Click it

Randy: to create a section of script.

Randy: of slideshow.

Randy (happy): And the page will tell you

Randy: where to insert the section.

Randy (casual): after insert the section

Randy (casual): Save your script.

Randy: generate the film again.

Randy (happy): Now, you are done!

Randy (happy): You can also change

Randy: the size and postion of the slideshow.

Randy (happy): Just change the numbers in the section of script.

Randy (happy): The unit of number is pixel.

12. Natural childbirth position: Squatting

Time: 2014-06-07 18:48:46






Randy: I learnt yesterday that

Randy (happy): the nature, most comfortable, easy

Randy (casual): birth position for human women

Randy (love): is actually squatting.

Randy (angry): So many human woman

Randy (angry): have suffered from the birth process

Randy (angry): because they was in a wrong position.

Randy: I can't help to tell the information to every humans

Randy: especially female humans.

Randy: Squatting uses gravity,

Randy (casual): so Mums don't need to push so much.

Randy: deliver in warm water is also quiet nature.

Randy (casual): I think quiet a lot people know this.

Randy: the birth place should be

Randy: as relaxed for the Mum as possible.

Randy: Because if the Mum is nervous

Randy: her body interprets it as

Randy (casual): there is danger around

Randy: such as predators may take new born

Randy: So the birth maybe halted.

Randy (sad): Bright hospital room can make Mums nervous.

Randy: Dim home with assistance of

Randy: medical professionals is often better

Randy: The bottom line is

Randy (casual): no animals in nature

Randy: needs a hospital to deliver their babies.

Randy (casual): Evolution gives humans

Randy (love): inherited birth method

Randy (casual): ......

13. Money makes the world going around?

Time: 2014-06-07 19:12:48







Randy: I was helping a human friend

Randy: who is in need of money

Randy (casual): He told me

Randy (right): *it is money that makes this world go around *

Randy: I can only take this as a not serious remark.

Randy (angry): There are certainly things above money.

Randy (love): Such as cooperation, moral and love.

Randy: That is the reason I was helping him for free.

Randy (happy): There were many money systems

Randy: in the history of humans

Randy (casual): that were run by different group of people.

Randy: Any money system can fail

Randy (casual): if people decide not to participate it any more.

Randy: There were many examples

Randy (casual): when political power shifts,

Randy (casual): old money turns into nothing.

Randy (happy): Native American has a say

Randy: *When the last tree has been cut down,

Randy: the last fish caught,

Randy (sad): the last river poisoned,

Randy: only then will we realise that one cannot eat money.*

Randy: I don't have time to go in detail.

Randy: But I think it's better to let my friend

Randy: know my thoughts on money.

Randy (love): When we create real value to societies,

Randy (love): Such as things actually help others

Randy (happy): the others will turn back and help us.

Randy: Darwin actually thought

Randy: humans are fundamentally cooperative

14. Introduction of Taoism & Science

Time: 2014-06-23 22:45:52


Forest House




Randy (right): Hey Lora

Randy (happy): You should read 'Taoism and Science', the book near you

Randy (love): It units science and spirituality

Lora (casual): Is it a new book?

Randy: The book was published June 2015

Randy (casual): It makes you understand that

Randy (happy): Taoism is essentially an eastern word for science

Lora: I don't know much about Taoism

Lora: Can I read it?

Randy: Yes. This world-class textbook

Randy: of Taoist cosmology contains

Randy (happy): everything of Taoism and

Randy (right): is written for everyone

Lora: Good, did you learn something from it?

Randy (happy): Yes,the information is very condensed

Randy: Reading it equals to

Randy (casual): hundreds other books.

Lora: wow,I am very interested in it

Lora (casual): can you tell me more about the content?

Randy (right): Okay, I remember the sections well, they are

Randy: FAQs of Taoism

Randy (casual): Culture, Peace, Vegetarianism, Equality

Randy: Naturalness, Zero/Tao/Cyclic Universe

Randy: Hierarchies, Wealth, Texts, Languages

Randy (right): Buddhism and Zen, Wisdom

Randy: As religion, Death, Natural living

Randy: Health, Morality, East and West

Randy: Changing/evolution, Physics/cosmology

Randy: Calendars, Mind and perceptions

Randy (right): God and I­-Ching divination

Lora: It is holistic, everything is included

Lora: I am not Taoist, can I still read it?

Randy (casual): Sure, one reader wrote this for the book

Randy: *This book is relevant to health and

Randy: lifestyle no matter what your religion

Randy (casual): or life philosophy may be*

Lora: Cool where can I buy it?

Randy: On the official site of Taoism Network

Randy (happy): That is the cheapest place

Lora: Thanks, what's the book name again?

Randy (right): The full name is

Randy: Taoism and Science:

Randy: Cosmology, Evolution, Morality, Health and more

Lora: Thank you so much Randy

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