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What is a good film?






toti: I watched a cool movie

randy (casual): what it is about?

toti: a man cheats on his wife

toti: his son does drugs

toti: a gang kills his daughter

randy (angry): ok, toti, enough

toti: what?

randy (angry): cheating, murder, drug abuse..

randy (angry): do they have any thing nicer?

toti: but it's a big budget film

toti: it has a lot of celebrities

randy: so?

toti: it is a good film I think...

randy (casual): I don't need other people

randy (casual): tell me what is good

randy: a good film delives good messages

randy: and tells a good story

randy: the script is the most important part

randy (happy): it is the core of creativity

toti: Oscar does not judge films like that

toti: big budget films win

toti: and famous actors are important

randy (angry): you need some authority tell you

randy: what is good ?

randy (casual): think critically

randy (casual): Oscar cares politics more