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The Night


Night Tree




cat: Hey lady

cat: What are you doing out here?

lady: I got lost

cat (casual): How did you get lost?

lady: I was taking out the trash

lady: got lost on the way

cat (angry): Is your trash can in the woods?

lady: No. . .

lady: A darn raccoon stole my corndog

lady (angry): right out of my sweatpants pocket

cat: a corndog in your pocket...

lady: Well, I'm not gonna touch it

lady: while I'm touchin dirty trash

cat (casual): You could have just

cat (casual): left it in the kitchen

lady (happy): Oh, I didn't think of that

cat: Well, off you go...

lady (happy): Hey, can you rescue me?

cat: Help you find your way home?

cat: No. . .

lady (sad): ...Uh

cat: I'm busy

lady: Cats, raccoons...

lady (angry): you're all the same

cat: I didn't get you lost

cat (casual): and you can do without the corndog

lady (angry): Are you calling me fat!

cat: Yes...

lady (angry): You little brat!

cat: Wait, wait, wait...

cat: I just remembered

cat: Don't you live in the house

cat: with the red sandbox?

lady (happy): Yes! Yes! That's the one!

cat (casual): I often shit in it.

cat: Good to know it's yours

cat (angry): Adios, and good luck!