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cat story


City Lights




kit: Hey, little kitty

kit: What are you doing here alone?

kat: I am on vacation

kit (happy): Cool. Where is your family?

kat (angry): Kid, I don't have family

kit (sad): Really? Why not?

kat: Well, I had a human family

kit: What happened?

kat (happy): I left, haha

kit (sad): What for?

kat: I needed a break

kat: Those people...

kat: They drove me nuts

kit: What did they do?

kat: Non-stop bullshit

kat: Have you ever seen TV?

kit (happy): Of course

kat: I hate that

kit (sad): You hate... TV?

kat: Yeaaaaah!

kat: Commercials

kat: Crap shows

kat: Just loud noise

kat: and flashing lights

kit (sad): Is that all?

kat (happy): Haha, get real

kit: What else?

kat: They made me...

kat: Shit in a sand box

kat: They rarely cleaned it

kit (sad): Oh...

kat: They smell too

kit: Yeah, poop smells

kat (angry): No, the family!

kat: They really smell

kit: Well...

kit (sad): Aren't you a ball of sunshine

kat: What are you doing here?

kat: Where's your family?

kit: I'm alone

kat: Really?

kat: What do you do?

kit: I sell recreational drugs

kat: Oh no

kat: Get a decent job, kid.

kit (sad): I was going to ask

kat: what?

kit: If you want some

kit: catnip

kat: Dang