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Calendars - The Tale of Neipasomos


Tropical Beach




Kit: Mum

Kit (angry): Why you don't let me sleep

Kit (angry): I sleep in the day

Wis: I want you to see something important

Wis: They look better in the Sun

Kit (casual): Is this why you bring me to the beach

Wis: Yes, I want to show you something large

Wis: the ocean

Wis: what do you feel about the ocean?

Kit (happy): It's endless

Wis: It moves without an end, like time

Wis: that is the topic today

Wis: endless time

Wis: how neipasomos manage time

Kit: how do they do it?

Wis: they observed the nature changes

Wis: such as day, night cycles

Wis: Moon phase cycles

Wis: season cycles

Wis (casual): larger year and small year cycles

Wis: of plants and other animals

Wis: years after years

Wis: they began to be able to

Wis: predict the cycles

Kit: that's cool

Wis: they put the knowledge

Wis: into something they called it calendar

Wis: a calendar predict the major objects

Wis: in the space

Kit: I know there is the Sun, the Moon

Kit (casual): and jupiter

Kit: they have a lots of influence on us

Kit: because of their distance or mass

Wis: Your understanding of

Wis: gravity is impressive!

Wis: neipasomos predict them all!

Wis: they call self rotation of earth Day

Wis: they call the Moon change cycle Month

Wis: the season cycle Year

Kit: what is name for the Jupiter cycle?

Wis: It's call zodiac by some groups

Wis: it's about 12 years.

Kit: so they have different calendars?

Wis: yes, their calendars differ

Wis: but there is something in common

Kit: the day, month, year cycle?

Wis: there is more

Wis: they usually use the day

Wis: that the Sun is lowest

Wis: as the start of a new year

Wis: and they will usually keep the new year

Wis (casual): even if they later moved

Wis: different lantitude has Sun at

Wis: different height

Wis: so knowing the new year of a group

Wis: you can figure out the lantitude

Wis: of their original habitat

Kit: can you tell me an example?

Wis: The new year of one group is 25 July

Wis: we can figure out they were from

Wis: tropical region of southern hemisphere

Wis (casual): although now they live in the north

Wis: some groups have new year in February

Wis: which means their ancestors

Wis: who made the calendar

Wis: were within the tropical region of

Wis: northern hemisphere

Kit (love): I see

Wis: most neipasomos use one calendar

Wis: the Sun height perspective is from

Wis: around north pole

Kit: neipasomos were all from that part?

Wis (casual): the groups created the calendar is

Wis: other groups use their calendars

Kit: how do they celeberate new years?

Wis: they eat a big meal

Wis: some of them set off firecrackers

Kit: why?

Wis: because it's the coldest time

Wis: they need more food to keep them warm

Wis (casual): firecrackers make the air acidit

Wis: it reduce the microorganism

Wis: that causes disease

Wis: they are means of coping hash weather

Kit: they are clever

Wis: in fact most neipasomos don't know this

Wis: they blindly follow traditions

Wis: those know to save food for

Wis: the coldest day survived better

Kit: I know this

Kit: this is evolution!

Wis: exactly