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How to add slideshow


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Randy (casual): This video uses a slideshow

Randy (happy): it is on my right

Randy: I will teach you how to do it.

Randy (casual): Make the film you want

Randy: without slideshow first.

Randy: then upload images of slides.

Randy (casual): Now go to edit the script

Randy: of your film.

Randy: You will see a link of slideshow.

Randy (casual): Click it

Randy: to create a section of script.

Randy: of slideshow.

Randy (happy): And the page will tell you

Randy: where to insert the section.

Randy (casual): after insert the section

Randy (casual): Save your script.

Randy: generate the film again.

Randy (happy): Now, you are done!

Randy (happy): You can also change

Randy: the size and postion of the slideshow.

Randy (happy): Just change the numbers in the section of script.

Randy (happy): The unit of number is pixel.