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Natural childbirth position: Squatting






Randy: I learnt yesterday that

Randy (happy): the nature, most comfortable, easy

Randy (casual): birth position for human women

Randy (love): is actually squatting.

Randy (angry): So many human woman

Randy (angry): have suffered from the birth process

Randy (angry): because they was in a wrong position.

Randy: I can't help to tell the information to every humans

Randy: especially female humans.

Randy: Squatting uses gravity,

Randy (casual): so Mums don't need to push so much.

Randy: deliver in warm water is also quiet nature.

Randy (casual): I think quiet a lot people know this.

Randy: the birth place should be

Randy: as relaxed for the Mum as possible.

Randy: Because if the Mum is nervous

Randy: her body interprets it as

Randy (casual): there is danger around

Randy: such as predators may take new born

Randy: So the birth maybe halted.

Randy (sad): Bright hospital room can make Mums nervous.

Randy: Dim home with assistance of

Randy: medical professionals is often better

Randy: The bottom line is

Randy (casual): no animals in nature

Randy: needs a hospital to deliver their babies.

Randy (casual): Evolution gives humans

Randy (love): inherited birth method

Randy (casual): ......