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Money makes the world going around?







Randy: I was helping a human friend

Randy: who is in need of money

Randy (casual): He told me

Randy (right): *it is money that makes this world go around *

Randy: I can only take this as a not serious remark.

Randy (angry): There are certainly things above money.

Randy (love): Such as cooperation, moral and love.

Randy: That is the reason I was helping him for free.

Randy (happy): There were many money systems

Randy: in the history of humans

Randy (casual): that were run by different group of people.

Randy: Any money system can fail

Randy (casual): if people decide not to participate it any more.

Randy: There were many examples

Randy (casual): when political power shifts,

Randy (casual): old money turns into nothing.

Randy (happy): Native American has a say

Randy: *When the last tree has been cut down,

Randy: the last fish caught,

Randy (sad): the last river poisoned,

Randy: only then will we realise that one cannot eat money.*

Randy: I don't have time to go in detail.

Randy: But I think it's better to let my friend

Randy: know my thoughts on money.

Randy (love): When we create real value to societies,

Randy (love): Such as things actually help others

Randy (happy): the others will turn back and help us.

Randy: Darwin actually thought

Randy: humans are fundamentally cooperative