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Why join Bitcoin Club for Northern Australia






Randy: Hey Lora

Randy (right): I became a member of Bitcoin Club yesterday

Lora (happy): What is Bitcoin?

Randy (love): It is a hot digital currency

Lora (casual): Do you mean things like PayPal?

Randy (right): A bit, not totally similar

Randy (right): It is similar to online banking

Lora (back): Why not just use online banking?

Randy (back): Bitcoin is a totally independent monetary system

Randy (right): It provides an alternative to banks

Lora (casual): What is wrong with the main stream monetary system?

Randy (angry): Well the international monetary system is a monopoly

Randy (angry): You know what monopoly usually bring

Lora (sad): Bad services and corruptions?

Randy (sad): Exactly

Randy: you can google the *occupy movement*

Randy (love): I like technology and maths

Randy: Bitcoin is a child of both

Randy (happy): So I like to have it as an alternative

Lora: Cool

Lora (happy): I always like to have more options

Lora: how can I get started?

Lora (casual): I knew nothing about Bitcoin

Randy: This is the club for

Randy (casual): Help new user

Randy: After we learn how to do it

Randy: We can trade with other members by Bitcoin

Randy (happy): that will be a lot of fun

Lora (casual): What can you buy by Bitcoin?

Randy: Goods and services, Anything

Randy: As long as the providers are willing to use Bitcoin

Lora (casual): I see, so the more people use Bitcoin

Lora (love): the more useful it becomes?

Randy: Yeah

Lora (casual): But how do I know this one is not corrupt?

Randy: The whole design is decentralised

Randy: It's extremely difficult for one party to manipulate the information.

Randy: Many parties around world can track the integrity of transactions

Lora (casual): Wow, does this mean people no longer have privacy?

Randy: Not really, it is similar to Ebay feedback system

Randy (casual): People can know if an ID is reliable or not

Randy: but they cannot know exactly who is the ID

Randy (right): We call the ID the keys

Randy (casual): in the world of Bitcoin

Lora (happy): I see, I like the overall idea

Lora (casual): I am an earlier adopter of new technology

Lora: How can I join you?

Randy (happy): Just sent an email to

Randy: They will tell you how to do it

Lora (love): cool!

Randy (casual): You are very welcome

Randy (love): Have fun!