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Introduction of Taoism & Science


Forest House




Randy (right): Hey Lora

Randy (happy): You should read 'Taoism and Science', the book near you

Randy (love): It units science and spirituality

Lora (casual): Is it a new book?

Randy: The book was published June 2015

Randy (casual): It makes you understand that

Randy (happy): Taoism is essentially an eastern word for science

Lora: I don't know much about Taoism

Lora: Can I read it?

Randy: Yes. This world-class textbook

Randy: of Taoist cosmology contains

Randy (happy): everything of Taoism and

Randy (right): is written for everyone

Lora: Good, did you learn something from it?

Randy (happy): Yes,the information is very condensed

Randy: Reading it equals to

Randy (casual): hundreds other books.

Lora: wow,I am very interested in it

Lora (casual): can you tell me more about the content?

Randy (right): Okay, I remember the sections well, they are

Randy: FAQs of Taoism

Randy (casual): Culture, Peace, Vegetarianism, Equality

Randy: Naturalness, Zero/Tao/Cyclic Universe

Randy: Hierarchies, Wealth, Texts, Languages

Randy (right): Buddhism and Zen, Wisdom

Randy: As religion, Death, Natural living

Randy: Health, Morality, East and West

Randy: Changing/evolution, Physics/cosmology

Randy: Calendars, Mind and perceptions

Randy (right): God and I­-Ching divination

Lora: It is holistic, everything is included

Lora: I am not Taoist, can I still read it?

Randy (casual): Sure, one reader wrote this for the book

Randy: *This book is relevant to health and

Randy: lifestyle no matter what your religion

Randy (casual): or life philosophy may be*

Lora: Cool where can I buy it?

Randy: On the official site of Taoism Network

Randy (happy): That is the cheapest place

Lora: Thanks, what's the book name again?

Randy (right): The full name is

Randy: Taoism and Science:

Randy: Cosmology, Evolution, Morality, Health and more

Lora: Thank you so much Randy